Brass Saddles for
Vintage Fender
Fender American

In 2006 it was suggested to me
by a customer friend that I make brass saddles for Charvel guitars. Having access to a CNC mill
made it possible.

First was Charvel Reproduction size of .816" x .402" x .223".
These saddles will also fit many other bridges including some Fender bridges.

Second came saddles for more Fender guitars. These measure .816" x .430" x .223".
They fit vintage Fender and
several other bridges.

.816" x .410" x .223"
with offset screw for
Fender American Series and Fender American Standard
came next.

.816" x .410" x .223" with
center intonation screw is the newest in our line of brass saddles. These are the saddles you will need if your guitar is a new American made Fender with center intonation screw.

All saddles come in sets of six with all hardware including springs.
All threads are #4-40 SAE.


You MUST determine which of these saddles you need before ordering. The only measurement that varies is the width. To find E to E string spacing take saddle width (.430" for example) times 5.

Available through
Axe Haven or from our Ebay store.
Includes shipping.

Brass Guitar Saddles