Custom Projects

These guitars represent special requests for customization.

Customizing is sometimes
a step beyond restoration; sometimes it is personalizing
to make the guitar unique; sometimes it makes
the guitar easier or more comfortable to play.

Top left is a retop of a
52 Les Paul which was then
given a sunburst finish.

Top right is a Melody Maker
that arrived at my shop in
sad shape which gave me the
opportunity to turn it into a
one of a kind of showpiece.

Lower left is a flying V to which binding and inlay were added.

Lower right is a Gibson
hollowed to decrease weight.


Gibson Customized SG
Customized Gibson SG

52 Les Paul retop Gibson Melodymaker52 Les Paul Before & After_ __Gibson Melody Maker__
52 LP retop before52 LP retop details52 LP retop after Melody Maker beforeMelody Maker detailsMelody Maker after

Customized  V body hollowing
Gibson Customized V_____Gibson lightened body_
Gibson Customized V__________Gibson Lightened Body____


Here is an SG that I purchased from an old customer
way back in 1973. The neck had been broken off
at the body so I decided this would be my first attempt
at creativity.
Started by rebuilding the part of the neck that fits into
the body then inalyed a large piece of maple where the
neck joins the body and around that a piece of walnut.
The walnut was surrounded by a piece of white binding
then I added a maple fingerboard and refinished it.
I have no idea whatever happened to it.
Hopefully it is still around somewhere.
This is the only picture that I have of it.
If you are the person that owns it now
give me a call I'd like to know where it is.