My interest in cars turned to building drag race cars around 1982. My son Devin (aka Devin Lenz of Lenz Sport Mountain Bikes and Skibikes) and I built a 1969 Nova. We learned a lot and raced that car for a few years before selling it.

That didn't mean we were through racing, just ready for a new project and more speed!

More speed came in the form
of a 1966 Nova which I built
and raced for several years.

It was fun but an idea creeped into my mind. Why not a Fiero drag race car with a 402 small block Chevrolet engine.
You see the finished project
at the top of this page.

For more angles and details
of the Fiero follow the links.

The lower photo on this page isn't a drag race car. It is a restoration of a '72 Chevelle.
I restored it from little more than a shell.

All of my cars have been painted by my own professional auto body painter who just happens to also be my son-in-law
Rod Raymond. Thanks Rod!

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